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Reading on the Run: Tips for Working Moms

Parenting tips for working moms More moms than ever are working these days. And unfortunately, working takes you away from your family and can lead to feelings of guilt. Toss that guilt and ... Women's world: Nanny makes mom insecure Sun.Star I'm a working mom with a daughter who's just a year old. Since she was a three-month-old baby, I left her under the care of her nanny. The nanny has been with us since I gave birth to my child. One day as I turned to walk out the door, my baby looked ...   Why You Should Stop Calling Powerful Women " Working Mothers " PolicyMic Last week, an article on Jezebel denounced the “ working woman” dilemma that's assumed to consume most of today's modern women. Hopefully we can all agree that in 2013, focusing on the challenge of balancing work and home responsibilities is an  ... Amy Adams Reveals Her Beauty Routine After Baby — Get Her Look Hollywood Life Being a working mom le

Most Mothers are Too Sexy For Pajama Jeans

When I was pregnant and on maternity leave I had a revelation, yoga pants are about the most comfortable thing ever made. I even thought that I could happily wear them every day. They were soft, stretchy and forgiving.  They did not restrict me and they never gave me a hard time.  They were not quite manna from heaven.  However, I was so grateful because they were there for me in my time of need. Yoga Pants, A Pregnant Woman's Best Friend Yoga Pants felt like wearing pajamas all day! Although my brain was altered from all of the hormones I remembered what I was like pre-pregnancy.  I was flitting around in constricting skinny jeans and high heeled boots. And although I thought I looked pretty hot, that outfit was not nearly as comfortable as the yoga pants and matching shirts that I wore day after day after day while I was on maternity leave.  I thought that I had solved the fashion dilemma, I could be cute and comfortable!

Hot New Handbags!

Through the blog, I try to share my new discoveries with all of you. Sometimes those discoveries are new interesting thoughts. Sometimes those discoveries are lessons that I have learned. And sometimes, like now, those discoveries are new products. As I told you a few weeks ago, I get excited when fashion and politics collide. This time though, I am excited in a good way. An African American , female, handbag designer recently won a contest with Marie Claire entitled, "Be Discovered: Design a Handbag ". This talented designer's name is Orean Collier. You can view and purchase her handbags at I am truly celebrating because a "Black girl won". However, I am also celebrating because the bags are hot! You will absolutely love her stuff. All of her bags,like the one posted with this blog entry, have flavor. They are are fresh, innovative, and most of all they are stylish. They embody fashion today. And with one of her bags on yo