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$20.00 off any Fisher-Price babygear swing

$20.00 off any Fisher-Price babygear swing : I plan to post a list of pregnancy and post-partum tips soon. However, I when I saw this coupon I decided that I had to share the news immediately, before it expires. I firmly believe that the keys to parenting success in the first three months are the two "S's"--the swaddle and the swing. No exaggeration, I may have lost my mind during my first few months post-partum without this swing. I was blessed to receive it as a gift from two very thoughtful girl friends. They knew what I didn't, even in the early days of life children require entertainment. It must be all that time in their mothers stomachs where they get constant movement. I don't claim to be a parenting expert, but I am a witness. This swing helped me maintain my sanity, helped my baby relax, and stopped me from wringing Andre's neck (out of frustration) when he walked through the door from work. Thanks to this swing we had a relatively or