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Today was a great day. It was the last day that I could get my car inspected. Fortunately, I was able to do that. YEAH!!! My success did come at a price though. I had to endure the ridicule of the mechanic who chastised me for waiting until the last minute. I wanted to ask whether he thought that he was my father, but I suppressed the urge. It seemed prudent to just endure the ridicule and get what I needed. I also had to endure the Pittsburgh Bus as a mode of transportation to work. Despite those inconveniences, my reward is that I can I now drive down the street without fear of being caught with an expired inspection sticker. Also, I received a tremendous surprise today. My birthday is on Monday, November 5th. And it looks like I am going to Vegas this weekend to celebrate! I've never been there before so I am incredibly excited. The trip is going to be a present from my boyfriend who continues to demonstrate that long distance does not mean hopeless. So, as I drift off to