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After a certain age, we crave balance...

One day at lunch, a man told me that he wanted to come home every night to his woman, a hot dinner and Kool-Aid with too much sugar in it. On its face, his fantasy sounds like a low class quest for sugar diabetes. There was a time that I would have secretly laughed at his statement. But now I get it. He longs for someone to love and who cares enough for him to make his Kool-Aid the way that he likes it. At the end of the day he wants is really no different from a lot of us. I used to always be on the run. I believed that my perfect life was just one party away. I partied hard, harder than some, lighter than others. Either way, I was somewhat of a fixture on the Black professional party circuit, which is comprised of the National Black MBA Conference, the Super Bowl , The NBA All-Star Game and Miami for Memorial Day to name a few noteworthy events.  If the party was in the continental United States there was a good chance that you would find me there. No expense was too

Term limits anyone???

As I watched Hillary Clinton give her acceptance speech tonight with Chelsea and Bill tonight I was amazed. I am not surprised that she won Indiana . She is smart, capable, and half of one of the most powerful political machines known to man. However, all I kept thinking was should she even be allowed to run? America is not a monarchy. Putting the same family in the White House for a third term--the same husband, the same wife, and the same kid--makes me feel like dumping tea in the Boston Harbor or something... In 1951, Congress said that the country’s love affair with a president cannot last forever, regardless of how passionate it is. The Twenty-Second Amendment operates to protect the integrity of the presidency and prevents any one person from controlling the office beyond two terms. It was passed in response to the three terms that FDR served as president. Significantly, it wasn’t passed because Congress thought that FDR was a bad guy or questioned the legitim

Be selfish, work for Obama!!!

A friend recently confessed that the length of this primary election season, all of the mud being slung, and the misjudgments by both Senators Clinton and Obama have exhausted her. Moreover, she is tired to the point of frustration and does not intend to exert any more effort to help Obama win. I understand her feelings, my own legs have begun to feel very heavy. However, we cannot give up. I encourage her and everyone else to breathe in deep and catch a second win. As I have said before, this country needs Obama and Obama needs each one of us to help his campaign. When you hear about his fundraising achievements, it is easy to think that your efforts are dispensable. They are not. Think about it, he needs twice the money to get half as far. He hasn’t been doing this as long as Clinton has. And despite his achievements, he is the unknown quantity. Accordingly, he needs to remind people of his competence intensely and often. It is easy to get discouraged after you s