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Working Mom Tip: Succeeding at Home (Tax Deductions for Working Moms)

It's tax season and many of us are gathering our receipts and planning to prepare our tax returns because we are huge procrastinators. Being a working mom is hard work As working moms we work hard for our money. And while many of us are good patriots we would prefer to keep as much of that money as possible instead of giving it to Uncle Sam.  We have many things to pay for that go along with being a working mom. I'm not talking about Jimmy Choo shoes, Louis Vuitton bags and Tory Burch loafers either. (Although as a somewhat fashionable mom I'm not mad at you if that's how you role.) I am talking about the reason why most of us work. It is because the expenses associated with raising children often exceed the amount of one income. Since you work hard. You should get all of the deductions you can! It's funny actually. Having children is the most natural thing in the world and not one thing about them is free.  Well, making them is free and lots of fun

A Wonderful Sunday at The Pittsburgh Children's Museum

Photo Credit: Children's Museum (my daughter's first advertisement) On Sunday, we thought about attending church. However, Andre had been up during the night sick from food poisoning or something. So, we got up around 6 and stayed up. My normal Sunday wake time is 7:30 AM. So, today was a change. Despite his sickness, he went over to his parents’ house to do a home improvement project… So, the toddler and I were left to fend for ourselves. We occupied ourselves with iPad apps, games and stories. Although we miss him, life can be a lot of fun when daddy is otherwise occupied. After our stimulating morning the toddler and I went to the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum with my mother, affectionately known as GG .  

Discount Holiday Fashion Tip (Expired)

The holidays are a festive time full of parties.   Whether you celebrate Christmas , Hanukah , or some other holiday chances are you will be attending your fair share of parties . And you want to look good. Looking good during the holidays takes some effort. Most women like to step it up at holiday parties they want to be fashionable and engaging.   And most they want to sparkle! I have some holiday staples that I pull out this time of year.Among other things  I have a lovely pair of Seven for All Mankind velvet jeans, some satin, ruby colored, Tahari slacks, and a host of blouses that make their appearances this time of year.  That being said, like most women, I like to add some special pieces to ensure that i don't look the same in the photos from year to year. Get Designer Clothes at a Discount

A Deep Dive into my Closet: Mining for Gloves

At work people talk about doing a “ deep dive ” into a topic so that they can do more thorough analysis. Well, this weekend, I did a “deep dive” into one of my closets and found at least fifteen pair of gloves. Who needs that many gloves, really??? I can’t even attribute some of them to Andre or to the baby. They were all mine, accumulated at various stages of my life. For the record, the fifteen pair does not include the mismatched misfits looking for their cosmic twin. To be fair, some were free. There are a pair that I got at the Winter Olympics that were in Salt Lake City . I was fortunate to score a free trip and tickets to some key events from an ex-boyfriend. We attended the games as guests of Monster .com and they showed us a fantastic time. That time included Monster fleeces with matching scarves and gloves and a bunch of other trinkets all provided gratis. That explains the bright orange pair that I would never have purchased, but they do represent fond memories. So

Twitter Tuesday!

Yes. This post is late, again. I fell asleep last night on my sofa with my laptop and good intentions, again. I didn’t wake up until 3AM and was so foggy I figured I ought not post anything at that hour. Admittedly, the title of this post is at best misleading and at worst an outright lie. I could rename it “ Twitter Wednesday”, but I think you’d agree that lacks the same panache.  Besides, I think it may still be Tuesday somewhere. Even if it isn't, I think that I can declare it Tuesday in Chaton's World and I have! :-) Like you, I am in the home stretch of preparing for the holidays. Since we celebrate Christmas , I am trying with all deliberate speed to get to December 25th with my shopping done, packages wrapped and cookies baked. I’m having some challenges, but I'll write more about that later. In the meantime, below is a list of moms who are Tweeting away. I started Tweeting to promote my blog.  However, I am drawn to Twitter because it connects me to people w