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Social Media, An Alternative To Opting Out Of the Workforce (#NicheParent13)

As you know, I'm a blogger who focuses on the journey of working women who are trying to balance  working and parenting. Every working mom knows that it is a journey that is fraught with challenges and  compromises, especially if you work full time. It's a topic that I am passionate about and a topic that keeps on giving!   Working Full Time and Raising a Family Can be Challenging   We all know that Full Time work ain't what it used to be. 40 hours is a relic that has gone the way of the VCR. Full Time now means 45+ office time and uncompensated overtime called "remote work".  The challenges and compromises lead to a array of emotions, including guilt. Some women handles those emotions well and some re-evaluate their decision to be a Full Time working mom. This weekend, I am attending a blogging conference called #NicheParent13", as a speaker. It's a conference focused on multi-cultural parent bloggers. It's being hosted at the We

Friday Tip: Find Your Spark and Hustle!

Yesterday, I attended Tory Johnson ’s “Spark and Hustle ”. It’s a program to help women entrepreneurs and to help other women start their own businesses . Tory’s personal story was inspiring.   I can’t possibly do her story justice, but here’s the summary. She dropped out of college to become a news reporter , at some point got laid off and still managed to have a family make her professional dreams come true.   You might even say that Tory achieved what Anne Marie Slaughter said was impossible in her Atlantic article.  Tory Johnson "has it all". The wonderful thing is that her personal mission is to help other women do the same.     She pointed out that most the reasons that people identify for not succeeding in business are excuses. She lacks a college degree and still has a successful business and a deal segment on “ Good Morning America ”.   She pointed out that the person with the most degrees is not necessarily the person with the brightest future.   Succe

Mommy Mondays!

Mondays are a milestone for most moms. I'm no different. I work outside the home and I try to do too much on the weekend. It's inevitable. I am me and I live in Chaton's World.  If you hadn't noticed Chaton's World can be a little chaotic. However, it can also be funny. Generally I am living my life on Sunday night and then BAM! It's midnight and I still have lots to do.  Last night, I got tired at 11:00 PM. It may have had something to do with getting up early for the Pittsburgh Marathon .  There was that little stomach thing before the race. There was also the walk that we took after the race to the finish line, my decision to post photos to Facebook instead of napping with the toddler, and dinner and  wine with my parents and brother.  When I got home from my parents' house I was beat. The baby was beat too. I dispensed with her bath and just did a quick wash up and story. She didn't even care. She was tired and so was I. For that r

I Finally Hit 1,000 Twitter Followers!

I should save this for Twitter Tuesday, but I can't wait. This past week I discovered the limits of my patience. It's when it takes me over 4 days to reach a Twitter goal. Last weekend I was so close to hitting 1,000 followers. I got a bit cocky, but was soon humbled when I fell short. Not only did I fail to hit 1,000 last weekend, I even lost a few followers after my witty request for more followers. I though, "Can a mama get some help" was genius. My follwers were less amused. I guess I broke some Twitter rule of etiquette. I wonder if there's a handbook??? In any event, a watched pot never boils and a stalked Twitter account apparently NEVER hits 1,000. For days I have been waiting. I used every tactic I knew only to stall at 998 for days. I wondered whether I had been cursed by the Twitter gods. Then this evening, just moments ago it happened. I passed the 1,000 mark. And I didn't even have to give up a kidney! How shall I celebrate??? I don't k