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Parenting Lessons: Don't Watch "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle"

If you have read this blog before you know that I am a working mom and I have a nanny.  I was prudent with my hiring. I consulted friends, I posted ads in religious newspapers and university papers.  Also, at the advice of a friend, I posted on ad on . Ultimately, after a background check and reference checks we selected the woman who has been with us since our toddler was born twenty-one months ago.  She has been great and we are blessed.  Still, like all working moms I have insecurities... I saw the movie, " The Hand that Rocks the Cradle " years ago. At that time it was just an intriguing, suspense movie. Now that I have a child it is a horror movie that has the potential to transform my dreams into nightmares... For some reason, unknown to me,  I decided to watch the movie again tonight. It was a bad move, a really bad move.  Here's the lesson for working moms, do not watch this movie. It will mess you up and make your mind play tricks on