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Friday Tip: Discount Date for Parents

So many parents appreciated the "free sushi" deal that I posted a few weeks ago that I decided to post another date night deal. is running a great deal for parents. If you visit the link below you can buy some $25 Restaurant Gift Certificates for only $10 (others may cost $15).   So, buy a coupon, get a sitter, and enjoy the evening!

Facts, the Paranoid Mother's Best Friend

Today I received an email from the hospital where I delivered my baby. They send lots of emails that appear to be intended to keep well intended parents off of the news  The topic was safety. It contained lots of information about baby proofing your home and had other safety tips. Below is a direct quote from the email: " Dog bites are among the highest causes of injury in children under 5 and often the dog is a gentle soul who would not be expected to bite. However babies may interact with any animal in ways that produce unpredictable—and sometimes dangerous—responses." Cha-ching ! Reading that quote was a validation of all of what I felt during the dinner with that dog.   The quote shows that I was/am not just a paranoid new mother.  I am a person whose paranoia is supported by the medical profession.  My translation: "Not only do dogs carry germs, they are unpredictable, they maim, and they have the power to kill." The email confirmed all of