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Working Mom Tips: Saving Cash in 2014

Working moms are sensitive to scarcity of resources. We are particularly sensitive to the scarcity of money. That’s probably because we work so hard to earn our paychecks. Indeed, for those of us with very young children, every hour that we are at work is an hour that we are away from our children. So, money is not something that we want to squander. We are particularly sensitive to money at this time of year. We are just starting to receive our credit card bills from our holiday purchases. While the holidays are magical they are expensive. So, now more than ever is the time to maximize every dollar.   Below, is a list of three tips for getting the best deals in 2014. I compiled them using some tips provided by Jean Chatzky and “ The Today Show ” the other day as well as things that I have learned from years of trying to live the most glamorous live possible at the least possible cost. Five Tips for Getting the Best Deals in 2014

7 Ways to Give Yourself a Holiday Bonus!

"Enjoy the holidays, but don't got into debt..." Me Tis the season to spend money ... As we all know, the holidays can get expensive. If you are cursed blessed with a lot of people to honor at this time of year, your wallet can start to feel the drain.  If you've been prudent and budgeted appropriately, good for you. If you haven't budgeted, or have blown your budget, never fear advice is hear! Earn Extra Cash This Holiday Season

Friday Tip: Know Your Worth (Free Financial Advice)

I may have found my prince charming, but I still take responsibility for creating my own wealth and managing my own money . It may be because my dad was a banker. It may be because my mother was adamant that her girls be independent.  It may be because my grandparents all preached that we should be smart with money.  Or it could be, that as a career woman , an economics major and control freak that I need to be in charge!  Regardless, I take my money very seriously.