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Reading on the Run: Articles of Interest to Working Moms

(Photo credit: GSCSNJ ) Successful working women keep track of important matters in the news. However, we are not one-dimensional. Some of us also want to keep up with celebrity gossip and fashion news too. Even in the era of the Internet and 24 hour news shows and E!, it can be challenging to keep up with everything. Fortunately for you, I make it my job to keep up on articles of interest to working moms and when I find notable ones, I share them with you. Below are three articles that discuss topics of interest.  One shows that not all celebrity moms believe they have it harder than us “average” working moms like Gwyneth Paltrow does. Indeed, Busy Phillips appreciates the privilege that she has to do what she loves and raise children. We should all be that lucky! One is about sleep travel tips for babies. Something we all can use as we embark on summer vacations. The other is about the best places for working moms to work, in case you’re looking to make a ch

Reading on the Run: Topics of Interest to Working Moms

Being a working mom is hard work. I’ve devoted this blog to discussing the topic and there are lots of other commentators speaking about this topic. Recently, there have been some articles that discuss the challenges of dealing with the pressures of working full-time and raising a family. Interestingly, writers have had divergent thoughts about on the topic. Several months ago Sheryl Sandberg asked working women to "lean in" to success and commit to having it all. Lately some women have written about why they don't believe in leaning in, others are lobbying for flexible work and still others are trying to teach women how to stress less at work.   From my perspective, women are just starting to understand what true choice is about. Working moms should have choices between whether to stay-at-home and whether to work. However, the discussion of working is complex. As a full-time working mom I can tell you that this journey is filled with landmines--compromise and guil

Working Mom Request: More Companies Need Formal Flex Time Schedules

October 15, 2013 is the first National Flex Day! Photo Credit: National Flex Day I work for a company that has no formal work from home policy. Likewise we do not have a formal flex-time policy. The absence of such policies is good and bad. It is good for employees who are courageous and have compassionate supervisors who can create their own work/life balance. It is bad for the timid, less confident employees who may have curmudgeon supervisors and are stuck trying to raise their families while working in antiquated work environments.  There have been a lot of stories in the media about these issues over the past year. Last year, at CEO Marissa Mayer 's direction, Yahoo disallowed working from home. Best Buy quickly followed suit. The decision of both companies was interesting considering that the general belief up to that point was that working from home increases employee productivity, work-life flexibility and job satisfaction .

Upcoming Television Appearance: Working Mothers Who Want to "Opt Back In" to the Workforce

Earlier this month, the New York Times ran an article that profiled working mothers who had “opted out” of the workforce to raise their children and now would like to return.  The article described the challenges they face attempting to return to the workforce and the regret they have about having opted out in the first place. The article also discusses the challenges experienced by working women who gallantly attempt to “have it all” even when there is little institutional support for them to try to make working and mothering work and great pressure to get women who can afford to stay home financially to “do what is best for their children”. Lost in the argument about what is best for the children is what may be best for the mother, long term.   Shouldn't be a part of the discussion?   Working Full-Time and Raising Children Can be Overwhelming   It's a very rich topic. As a fulltime working mom, I don't question why some women choose to quit their job

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As you know, this blog is about my quest for balance in stilettos.  Like a lot of women I work everyday, have a child and a relationship with the man that I love. In addition, I am committed to sharing my journey as a working mother with all of you.  It's a labor of love, but sometimes I need tips from other moms about how they walk the balance beam of life without falling off. One source of inspiration for me is " Working Mother " magazine .  It's well written, has relevant articles, and the women they profile tell the truth! You can try "Working Mother" magazine for free.  Go to the link below compliments of  the "Luv Saving Money"! Luv Saving Money: FREE 6 issues of Working Mother magazine : 6 FREE issues of Working Mother Magazine. No bills, no strings. This offer expires Sept. 16, 2012 Related articles Is working mother guilt a white collar luxury? ( Nicole Kidman - Nicole Kidman