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Real Estate as a Career Choice #NorthwoodforMoms

#NorthwoodMoms My post about the Northwood for Moms Program last week has generated quite a lot of interest. (To read that post, click here .) People have asked me how they would know if real estate was an appropriate career choice for them. Well, every mom has to decide what career choice is right for them and their family. However, I thought I would share this video where you could hear directly from the moms I met at the event who LOVE being agents for the benefits it gives them and their families.

Balancing Work and Family: An Interview with Deb Gilboa, MD

Deb and her husband I became aware of Deb Gilboa (Doctor G) over three years ago when we were both featured in  Pittsburgh Mom bloggers create online community (because no parent is perfect) .  Since then I have gotten to know her and have been constantly impressed. When we met for lunch recently, I swear she was able to have lunch with me, manage her schedule and book a future TV appearance within an hour. During that lunch I decided that you would all appreciate hearing more about this physician, writer and mother who is committed to helping us all become better parents. Here’s my interview with the lovely Deb Gilboa, MD, author of How to Get the Behavior You Want... Without Being the Parent You Hate ! .