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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: At the Playground in Stilettos

After work yesterday I grabbed the toddler and went to the Post Office . Tis the season for preschool applications and I had one that I wanted to mail yesterday. After the Post Office I decided to stop at the playground . Even though it was overcast it was over fifty degrees in Pittsburgh , a veritable heat wave. The toddler loves the playground. It’s like swinging is in her blood or something. She can go back and forth all day long. It’s probably because we relied on the swing so heavily when she was an infant.   I swear, our Fisher-Price swing was the secret to my sanity as a new mom. If you’re pregnant, buy one. Working moms have to be flexible if they want to do it all... The funny thing about the trip to the playground is that I went in my work clothes. I knew if I went home to change we’d never make it out again. It’s funny how my house has a way of sucking me in. Often I go in, change my clothes, and my motivation to leave evaporates. Since the toddler had been so

A Deep Dive into my Closet: Mining for Gloves

At work people talk about doing a “ deep dive ” into a topic so that they can do more thorough analysis. Well, this weekend, I did a “deep dive” into one of my closets and found at least fifteen pair of gloves. Who needs that many gloves, really??? I can’t even attribute some of them to Andre or to the baby. They were all mine, accumulated at various stages of my life. For the record, the fifteen pair does not include the mismatched misfits looking for their cosmic twin. To be fair, some were free. There are a pair that I got at the Winter Olympics that were in Salt Lake City . I was fortunate to score a free trip and tickets to some key events from an ex-boyfriend. We attended the games as guests of Monster .com and they showed us a fantastic time. That time included Monster fleeces with matching scarves and gloves and a bunch of other trinkets all provided gratis. That explains the bright orange pair that I would never have purchased, but they do represent fond memories. So