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Working Mom Tip for Labor Day: Having More Sex May Increase Your Paycheck

Labor Day is about celebrating workers. And I don't know anybody who works harder than working moms. Many working moms are exhausted after working and taking care of their kids. And sometimes sex can seem like a luxury that we can't afford. Since we're talking about what we can afford, let's talk about hold hard cash. Working Moms Could Use More Money Some working moms work for the love of it. However, many work for the money. Diapers, clothes and Nikes are expensive. Indeed, Nikes are so expensive my daughter doesn't have any. She's 2. Until she can ask for Jordans we won't even think about buying them...   In terms of necessities, child care has been known to break many families budgets. The New York Times recently did a piece entitled, "Crushed by the Cost of Child Care"  that described women so overwhelmed by the cost of child care it almost made you wonder why anybody even has children.  Also, mortgages don't come cheap either