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Mommy Blogger With No Time to Blog!

  This past weekend I was engaged in a whirlwind of activity and my blog suffered.   I am really behind, which is disappointing since I had been rather prolific for the past few weeks. I’ve posted regularly, sometimes multiple times a day. People have asked me how I do it.   The answer is, I write a lot during my “ free time ” and when I’m not writing I am thinking about writing.   In addition to my blog, I write for "Parent Society" .   I am honored to write for them. However, writing for them is more taxing than writing for my own blog. They require you to include meta data in your posts, which generally requires going onto Google Adwords to figure out the best keywords for your post.   It’s supposed to increase your help your post be found on search engines.   It’s a lot of work. Perhaps if I exercised that effort for my own blog posts I’d be really successful like Dooce and the Pioneer Woman ? Now that I have put it out there, I think that's something I ne