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How to be a Glamorous Mom!

Lots of moms have contacted me about my glamour series.  They have had questions about how to apply certain cosmetics, confessed to following my advice and looking like a new mommy, and have thanked me for sharing what I have learned.  For that reason, and because I have loved all things glamorous since I was playing with Barbies, it's not over! I have a lot of tips and stories left to share. I'm sure that you're not surprised though. If you have followed this blog you know that I have an endless supply of stories! Easy Glamour Tip for Moms Here is the easy glamour tip for today:   Look as good as you can, in the least amount of time, for the most cost effective price.  Glamour is the all about projecting an effortless put together image. It is not about putting on airs or buying clothes you can't afford. You can't be glamorous if you're obsessing about how much you paid for your shoes and hoping that you don't scuff them at your event