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Unspoken Truth About Quarantine Life--In Some Ways, Life is Better

"Life during quarantine has been challenging, but it has been pretty amazing too!" NOTE:  This post was written before the murder of George Floyd by police officers. If you would like to know my thoughts about this, click here .    Life was transformed nearly three months ago. A global pandemic, called COVID19 caused our public businesses and social lives to shut down. We have all been "sheltering in place", which means that most of us  have been stuck in the house nearly every day. I've written about challenges associated experienced during this COVID19 pandemic, and they are considerable. (For a discussion of that, click here .) However, I'd be lying if I said it has been all bad.   I am the mother of three small children. One is only two years old. I can tell you this. Not one of them has been disappointed that they haven't had to get up early to get yelled at and rush out of the house. And, yeah, I didn't yell at them every day, but the tension a

Fashion Missteps and the Working Mom...

I have a lot of clothes . Most were purchased back when I was a “hot” chick—before Andre and before the baby. Truth be told, if I hadn’t been such a hot chick I may not have snagged Andre. Who knows about that? Knowing him, he didn’t even notice my clothes. While I would be much further along with the baby’s college fund if I had fewer clothes in my closet, I would have had much less fun. Fashion is an exercise in creativity. At the end of the day, fashion is an exercise in creativity and my clothes are my paint brush . Sometimes though, because of my sheer volume of clothes, shoes and accessories, I get overwhelmed or make a fashion mistake. Once I bought a pair of black boots nearly identical to a pair already in my closet. Granted, the second pair gripped my calves better than the first pair. Still, had I remembered that I had purchased the first pair I would have saved my money. OK, that’s probably not true. I would have probably bought something else. Before Andre came

Time Management and the “Toddler” mom (Part I)

There are three kinds of people. Those who are always early. Those who are always on time. And those who are always late. Then there is me. I float between all three. I recognize that there are times when being late is just too expensive—when meeting airplanes, at the pediatrician, interviews, when I am the keynote speaker . Those are times when I tend to be early. Sometimes I am so early that it is laughable. I know that’s not a good use of my time, but I am terrified that my bad habits will derail my productivity. So, I overcompensate. In the interest of full disclosure I am late a lot for most other things. Too much. If I’m not careful it has the potential to be my Shakespearean fatal flaw. I get that. So I try really hard to be on time. I really make a concerted effort. Sometimes though life intervenes. I won’t write too much about “life” though. You all know it. You’re deep in it up to your eyeballs. For moms “Life” shows up as traffic, dirty diapers, crying babies, stockings

Twitter Tuesday! (with correction)

It’s Tuesday again and moms are still Tweeting ! So, I have more tweeting moms to profile.   So, here’s what I have I have found.   There are moms living their lives and raising their children in the face of tremendous odds.   There are moms living la vida loca and others trying to turn their regular lives into celebrity ones. I found a mom who defines herself by her multicultural experiences, another who was single and now is married. There are moms who told the truth, mommies need sleep too.   We are not machines!   There are the green moms, the Zen moms, and the moms who believe in positive thinking. All of the Tweeters are noteworthy, but a few deserve personal recognition. One of the moms tweets about breastfeeding . Breastfeeding is a commitment, especially when you are full time mom. Anyone helping moms with this responsibility is doing God ’s work! I have yet to blog about my experiences as a breastfeeding mom, but stay tuned.   I found my working mom twin. Being a

Life of the Working Mom: Happy Hour

A few weeks ago a friend hosted a farewell event at a swanky, new restaurant in town. It started at 5:30 PM, the height of happy hour. When I read the email, I was game. I planned to arrive at 5:30 and stay for about 30 minutes or so.  That way, I could experience the festivities and get home before I ruined our nanny's Friday night plans. I wore an appropriate day-to-night outfit to work. So, cool outfit--check! I was excited about going. So, intent to appear--check! Did I actually have the fun time that I envisioned??? NO! Work intervened.  My assistant was on vacation the following week. So, that Friday we tried to get as many things out as we could. I had been on vacation the previous week.  So, I had lots of emails that began, "Welcome back! Where's my...."  I grew to loathe the phrase "Welcome back!" So, I had great planning, but poor execution.  I did get to wear a cute outfit though.  And, when I arrived home, the baby greeted me with a smil

The Economics of Parenting...

I have had a revelation. Being a parent is expensive . Between the formula, food, and fun, it’s a wonder that anybody signs up for the job. If you analyze from a pure economics perspective, it doesn’t make sense. I was an Economics major in college. I’ve been supporting myself for over 10 years. However, parenting has truly taught me the value and limits of a dollar. Babies are expensive. For years, I’ve heard parents lament the costs of parenting, including my own. However, I didn’t get it until now. In the literal sense, babies are merely little consumers.  They pay you handsomely in smiles, and contribute loads to the family in terms of joy and satisfaction, but they add nothing to the bottom line. Mathematically, it’s a lopsided equation. Their needs are high. However, their economic contributions and their potential to contribute are quite limited, unless you happened to birth the next Olsen twins . Also, you sacrifice a huge part of your life, you may even lose friends