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Mommy Mondays: A Balanced Day

I wrote so much this weekend that I wonder if there's anything left to say. However, this is Chaton's World and ever day is an opportunity to live, experience and share.   Like a lot of working moms my day began with housework... I began today rushing around. I got up late. I didn't get out of bed until 6:30AM, which is much later than my goal. After tripping over some ish  stuff on the stairs, I straightened the house. We won't say who left the stuff there. Since it's the Christmas season , let's just blame that stuff on the elf on the shelf ... After straightening up I seasoned some chicken for the week that I had neglected to season last night. There was no blog writing, no writing for Parents Society and no strategizing. Contrary to what my boss thinks every morning is not a combination of bliss and relaxation. Most of the time I am working hard. The work day began with a meeting and ended with some accomplishments and some things that will wait