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Apparently, I live in “Cougar Town”…

The other night I watched Courtney Cox ’s new show “ Cougar Town ”. A “cougar” is a middle aged woman who is on the prowl and tends to date much younger men. The show stays the course. Courtney plays a forty year old divorcée who is scared to be alone and is searching for love. In the first episode she takes home a guy who is in his twenties and gets to “know” him. The show is full of clichés about the plight of older women on the dating market, middle aged men who are only interested in dating younger women, and how older women are always on the prowl. The show may only last one season, but the topic is intriguing. Demi Moore Has Shown Women that Dating Younger Men is Possible Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher inspire women around the globe. Even though she is nearly old enough to be his mother they are married; he is hot; and they look really happy. The appearance of love tends to quiet the critics. I don’t have to look at celebrities to understand. Two of the happiest mar