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READING ON THE RUN: Articles of Interest to Moms and Working Women

Below are four articles that I believe will be of interest to moms and working women.  They deal with parenting issues, professional successes and politics. Enjoy!!! 1. The Role of Competitiveness in Raising Healthy Children The New York Times Of course we all want our kids to grow up to be "winners," but how do we help them develop a positive attitude towards competition? Is there such a thing as "healthy competition?" One dad tries to figure out how to manage his hypercompetitive young son, with help from a wide range of experts.  This article is particulary interesting given the decade long trend of taking competition out of sports for children and giving everybody trophies. I wasn't athlectically gifted, but I did like being on teams.  I hated losing, but the "everybody wins" strategy seems silly to me.  Still, how do you