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Confessions of a Reformed Party Girl...

Several moments in life make you realize that you have changed. The first time you realize that you are too old to play with dolls, when you realize that boys really are not that yucky, the first time you wear heels. Then, there are the other more trivial moments that make you realize that life is changing but you desperately fight the feeling. Recently, I realized that I am no longer a party girl, but I can still hear the music… Don’t get me wrong I still like a good party, but I no longer feel this intense desire to appear at every hot party. And, I no longer want to party like it’s 1999 . Hell, that was eleven years ago. Since then even Prince has slowed down given his AARP membership and hip replacement . Last weekend I was in Charlotte for the C.I.A.A. basketball tournament. When I made the reservations I was excited to attend because the parties were supposed to be bananas, a lot of my friends were going, and I lived in Charlotte for a while after college and it feels