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Six Secrets to Traveling With Young Children

#FamilyVacation You are probably thinking about taking a family vacation before the end of the year. If that's true, I have the answers to your travel questions! Not to brag or anything, but last July, I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia solo with my three young children. I know that there are other mamas out there feeding the hungry, running marathons and working to cure cancer, but still I think the fact that we all made it there and back safely without any melt downs or major disruptions to our fellow travelers was a feat! How did I do it? I planned the hell out that trip. Why did I do it? Daddy went to Vegas. (That's a topic of another blog post!!!) If you want the secrets to traveling with young children, read below.

Advice from a Working Mom: Take a Vacation

Clearwater Beach, Florida It's summer, which means it is vacation season. However, I have heard a little rumor that somebody killed vacation... Who Killed Summer Vacation?

Why Working Moms Need to Take Vacations

Many working moms work because they have to. Either they have to make ends meet. Or they need to maintain their lifestyles.  As a working mom, I know that working and balancing the checkbook can become all consuming.  We need to recognize that tendency and fight it.   Family vacations are important. Vacations are important.  Vacations give you the opportunity to re-connect with your family, do things that you don't normally do, and relax.

A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Life After Vacation

Last week we took vacation. This week I have been catching up on my work at my "real job" and other responsibilities. My boss has been on a two week vacation. Our vacations actually overlapped. While I was only gone four days, because my boss was gone I feel like it was longer. I actually returned to work one day earlier than planned because I felt the work pile growing! One would think that I actually had more authority that I do given how dependent people seem to be on me. However, perhaps, I am the one with the identity problem. Maybe I am actually in charge, but I don't know it. Wouldn't that be crazy?! I have been really involved in a board that I serve on. We've had meetings, conference calls and assignments since I've been back. Volunteering has never cost me so much!   I have also been slowly unpacking and been somewhat delinquent on that. Andre's clothes and the toddler's clothes are unpacked. I put them away. Well, I had help wit

Comments from Vacation: Disney World, a great place to take a nap! #DisneySide

@DisneyWorld  Most people visit Disney World in search of fun, adventure and rides . Apparently some people even go for the food because since we have returned everyone keeps asking us what we ate.  We may be the only family who visited Disney World and immediately went in search of a good place to nap.