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Motherhood: Babies, Blogging and Happiness

KJ Dell’Antonia from who writes “Motherlode” for the New York Times a blog that discusses adventures in parenting wrote a piece that says that blogging makes new moms happier . Apparently, Brandon T. McDaniel, a Ph.D. candidate at Penn State University has studied nearly 160 mothers and reached this conclusion. You can read KJ’s piece at Here are my thoughts. In an ode to Decartes, I think therefore I write. I write therefore I blog! How I Started Blogging Blogging found me on a plane returning from Cabo San Lucas several years ago. I had gone to Cabo to prove a point to a now ex-boyfriend who doubted that I would go on vacation without him. My trip was just one of the many things that he proved to be wrong about. But I digress… On my trip home I began talking to a man sitting next to me. For you salacious types, this man did not become a great romance or even a romantic interest.