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My Life...

Thank you for reading my blog. While I love writing it, I do hope that others read it and enjoy it. If you're seeking a dose of Chaton that has been unrealized, check out Some topics are too complex for Chaton's world, but they will give you insight into my life, hopes, and dreams. And if you know me, and if you're lucky, you may see yourself reflected in my comments. By way of example, if I randomly reference the country of Sweden , know that I do it, with authority, at least vicariously... For instance, I know that the Swedes are sexually liberal. And for those suspicious types, this is not just because I embrace any culture that embraces the sexual equality of women... I have three ties to Sweden, unusual for a little Black girl from Rochester, New York . My mother and aunt have visited there to attend a wedding. I have a friend who works for Cover Girl cosmetics who is there now. And, because I am open to finding love whereev