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Friday Tip: Love and Love First (A How To Guide)(FREE BOOK)

Denise Ajanwachuku wrote a fantastic book that is a great resource for those seeking to live a more balanced and loving life. Denise is a motivational speaker , corporate trainer and now a first time author. She is also my friend. Not only has Denise written the book on love she embodies it.  Being around her is like being around a constant fountain of encouragement.  She is a wife, and mom to two adult children. I have known Denise and her family for several years and have been impressed with her commitment to her family, her wisdom and her kindness.  She has taught me a great deal about how to be a good mother, good partner, and a good friend . Her book is called, Love and Love First. It takes her readers on a personal, professional and spiritual journey with one goal in mind - teaching the reader how to become a "lover". This book has been called a step by step guide for those who are failing to excel in love. It gives tips to those failing to excel in love so that t