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Time Management and the “Toddler” mom (Part II)

The other morning was interesting. I had an 8:00 AM meeting. The meeting was previously scheduled for the afternoon, but I re-scheduled it to accommodate the person with whom that I was meeting. Therein lies one of my problems. Sometimes being accommodating is what gets me into half of the battles I get into with time. I adjust, sometimes “to be nice” and jam myself up and put strain on me and my schedule. Maybe “being nice” is my Shakespearean tragic flaw too??? How many flaws can one person have and still be spectacular? If anybody knows that answer, please let me know. Wait! Maybe by asking this question I am seeking approval. Maybe “my need for approval” is yet another Shakespearean flaw??? Anyway, the meeting was ten minutes away going against traffic. So I was in good shape. I got up, did my morning routine and was ready to go. I was oh so pleased with myself then I realized that I was too hasty. I had forgotten to pump . Then the mental debate started. Did I have enoug

Loving Your Newborn Baby...

Never fear blog readers. I am writing Part II of "The Tales of Natural Childbirth". However, it is hard to find the time . Babies can be Messy, Stinky and Time Consuming