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Working Mom Tip from a Doctor: Balance is Possible

Deborah Gilboa, MD is a personal friend and a physician who dispenses practical advice on her website,   Besides being a physician, Dr. G is a mother of four boys and a professional parenting speaker. She blogs at http://www. . Recently, she published an article for "enannysource" that contains great tips for working moms about how to balance their lives.  One thing that I admire is how she and her husband each work part-time to ensure that one of them is always home with their children. I admire their commitment to the family and how they have worked to also achieve their professional dreams. Below is a link to the article. ENJOY!!!     “Expert Insights: With Deborah Gilboa, MD of Ask"     “ Expert Insights: With Deborah Gilboa, MD of Ask",  ( blog/index.php/2013/02/04/ expert-insights-with-deborah- gilboa-md-of-askdoctorg-com/ )  Related articles