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Being a couch potato is severely underrated...

My sofa seduces me as well as any man ever has. Every night I come home with the intention of being productive in some meaningful way. However, my sofa beckons and I heed the call. It is as if I am powerless to resist its charms. It has turned me into a bit of a couch potato . Initially, I felt guilty, but now I willingly give in. I have concluded that laziness is severely underrated. Indeed, it one of the few things that has an immediate payoff—rest! I'm social, but sometimes there is no greater pleasure than spending the night on my sofa. It is big. It is welcoming. And it is made of the most supple leather. After a long day, it embraces me, and I give in. After work I come home, wash my face, and put on my pajamas. Then, I go downstairs sit down and lean into my sofa. I get the kind of reassurance that I’ve been craving all day. It envelopes me in the most intimate way. It gives me a soft caress, a place to lay my head, and relief from life’s troubles. On my sofa, I

Goodbye Michael Jackson, hello to life...

As I watch Michael Jackson’s memorial service I am inhaling and exhaling slowly and deliberately. It would be convenient to say that I am doing it because of what he meant to me. However, the truth is I breathe deeply whenever I am at a funeral, hear about a plane crash, or otherwise am touched by death. The death reminds me of how fragile life is. I begin my breathing exercise instinctively. It’s as if I believe that breathing consciously will protect me somehow. We are taught to trust our instincts. Does it then follow that we become aware of our deaths before it happens? When I was in the hospital a couple of months ago, I once felt myself slipping away and I fought it. The feeling was probably caused by my low blood pressure . However, I was afraid that my life would be cut short and I would go too soon. I feared that going to sleep might lead to my death. I knew that I was blessed. However, I arrogantly believed that my willpower made a difference. The media has said tha

Michael Jackson, finally in Neverland...

So much will be said about Michael Jackson over the next few weeks that I am reluctant to comment at all. Like most writers, I didn’t know him. I was just a fan. That being said, as I watch all of the tributes to Michael and listen to the music I am moved to write. Like everyone else, I have been riveted to the television, watching endless coverage of his life. The media has been relentless in trying to dissect every aspect of his life. It seems like everyone whoever watched MTV is now an expert on Michael Jackson’s deepest desires and his demons. It is undeniable that Michael Jackson lived a complicated life. However, one thing can’t be disputed. He was the ultimate entertainer. He gave us all that he had. However, when we had him, we loved him, but we treated him bad. Michael grew up in front of us. And we experienced everything with him along the journey. He taught us our ABC ’s. He made us dream. He made us dance. While we believed that he was more than a little off the w