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Tuesday Truth: Moms Need More Help!

Mom at the National Zoo Seven-in-ten moms with kids younger than 18 were in the labor force in the United States in 2014.   As I venture into the day to day grind of the official working world again, I am reminded of how busy my life is about to become. And I am not alone. The most common request that I receive from working moms through my coaching and personal life has a theme. They often jokingly wish for a "clone" to help them get everything done, more time in the day, or more "help". The sentiment was expressed most succinctly by Bernadine in "Waiting to Exhale", "I'd clone myself, but I wouldn't have time for the surgery." 

Women trying too hard, it may be inevitable...

The blog has been concentrating on more national issues, but now I shall return to things that are more closely related to my life. Here is one thing that I have noticed about life--women "try too hard". As women, we are inclined to "try too hard". We are too generous, we are too nice and we do too much. Many times my friends and I have opined that there might be some thing in the genetic composition of women that turns us into "pleasers". Upon reflection though, I don't think that we are born that way. Rather, I believe that we are conditioned to be that way. Somehow on our journeys--between maniacal puberty and marriage--we come to believe that it is our job to make the lives of others easier. And, it's true even if you never marry. Somewhere along the way, you learn that as a female member of the species it is your job to make other people happy. If you are not naturally predisposed to fulfilling that role you adopt it in order to be ac