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Twitter Tuesday!

Tonight President Obama delivered the State of the Union.   Regardless of your political affiliation you have to be proud that we live in a country where the president can address both houses and express his vision of America .   And, if you are proud to live in America you should be proud that we all have an opportunity to listen to him safely.   It may be a stretch, but listening to the State of the Union made me proud that the Constitution protects my first amendment right to Tweet.   I am not sure if that’s what the founding fathers had in mind, but I’m not one to let a privilege go to waste. Below is a list of women who are exercising their free speech rights on Twitter as well.   Where else but America could Jennifer Marshall proudly call herself @nuckingfutsmama?   I love her wit and her humor. I wish that I had thought of that name! I have found other women who are committed to helping us become more organized, live happier and healthier lives, and achieve balance. Ano