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Working Mom Tip: One Dish Chicken and Rice Dish

  Making Dinner Fast, Nutritious and Economical As a working mom, I struggle to provide my family with nutritious meals that my are easy to make, fast, and economical. I also want those meals to be nutritious and delicious. These are ambitious goals that I have achieved by relying on things learned during my childhood.   Growing up I wondered why my parents served us so much chicken ! In the mind of a child chicken seemed predictable and boring. Now that I am a parent I understand. Chicken is predictable and boring, but it is also high in protein and relatively low in fat. It is also economical and readily available. So, it is an inexpensive way to provide your family with good quality protein.  (The organic or free range chicken will cost you a bit more, but many families can still fit it into their budget.)    As a working mom, I have followed in my mother's working mom footsteps and have succumbed to the same meal choices. That means, I serve a lot of chicken. If

Friday Tip: National Fried Chicken Day!

I was watching the Today Show this morning and I learned something.  Apparently today is National Fried Chicken Day. To think that "they" (whoever "they" are) had the wisdom to create a holiday to honor my favorite childhood food. I can tell my life's story through my experiences with fried chicken. As a kid, I liked Kentucky Fried Chicken and Church's Chicken . When I went to LA in 2001, I had to try Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles .  I really enjoyed my fried chicken.  However, I haven't had it since I was pregnant and craved it constantly.  My tastes have changed. I am more of a sushi girl.  Don't judge me... Also, I realized that eating fried chicken regular isn't good for my waistline.  That being said, sometimes I think about my mom's fried chicken and it makes me smile. When my sister and I were little, we would have picnics in Highland Park in Rochester, New York .  She used to make fried chicken and  potato salad and ba