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Holiday comments by a Working Mom: Enjoying The Advent Season

The First Day of Advent   One of my greatest thrills has been seeing the world through my daughter’s eyes. Through her eyes, everything is new. Everything is fresh. And everything is marvelous.   This season, one of my greatest pleasures has been seeing the joy she has taken in the Christmas season .  Her Tante Ann, one of Santa’s elves who is hiding in plain sight, has been kind enough to share the tradition of the Advent calendar . Every day since December 1 st my daughter has received a present, and as the photos show, she has really embraced this tradition! (Tante Ann is also the person responsible for introducing my daughter to Christmas Crafts by making candy houses, which is great because her mama doesn't have one crafty bone in her body! (See Christmas Craft By a Mom Who is Not Crafty ) Opening an Advent present It's midnight, which means that it is officially Christmas, which is the last day of the tradition.  We're looking forward to Christma