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Mommy Mondays: Is it Time to "Lean In"?

The past few weeks have been an exciting time for working women. From Marissa Mayer banning Yahoo  employees from telecommuting to Sheryl Sandberg telling professional women that they would achieve more if they simply "stopped leaning back and leaned in".   To be fair, I have tended to take the opportunities that have come to me and worried about the consequences later. I have also interviewed for promotions, been promoted since I've been back from maternity leave, and became an adjunct law professor while I was on maternity leave. So, I suppose I could be accused of having leaned in.    Employers need to implement policies that support parents.   However, despite my own extremely modest successes (I am still waiting for my $1 million, forget $500 million) I am passionate about changing the workplace to make it more accommodating for parents. I believe that the workplace needs to change more than women do. I also believe that too many women are forced from