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Life as we know it changed on November 7th

At my birthday party I realize that I post less when I am trying to process the world. I think it's because I generally share thoughts on this blog after I have made sense of things, as opposed to when I am still working through them. The problem lately is that there's just so much going on that I am still trying to process that my writing cycle has been disrupted! So, I decided to write about my recent birthday.  My birthday is on November 5th. And like everyone, my birthday is my favorite day of the year.  My sons, our future.  My birthday reaffirmed my faith. The timing of my birthday makes it interesting though. Every four years, my birthday gets complicated. Sixteen years ago, my birthday was punctuated by John Kerry conceding to George W. Bush. It was a tough blow considering I had worked on that campaign full time for a month. And learned about the loss in a hotel ballroom full of other Kerry supporters. That experience taught me that mass depression was not healthy. So,

This is the Most Important Election of Our Lives #Vote2020

Today, I am working the polls to protect the right of every American to vote. I've done this for the past 4 elections. It is an honor and a privilege. Please VOTE!

Happy Halloween! #Halloween2020

Everything is a bit odd in 2020. We are living as if in a fog. The fog is filled with doubt and uncertainty about our futures. And yet, as my sister Reenah Golden would say, we press on. Halloween was no different. My husband was resolute about taking the kids trick or treating. And if you know him then you know that there was no stopping him.  So, instead of fighting him. I joined in. Also, although I may not have been inclined to go trick or treating, I recognized that the kids were craving it. They have had in-person school taken from them. They have had their birthdays stripped to the bare bones because friends haven't been able to attend. They have had their favorite past times, like the Children's Museum and eating in restaurants, taken from them, on a visceral level, they needed normalcy. And nothing screams normalcy and community like trick or treating. And so, we dressed up. We went out. And we said "trick or treat". We practiced social distancing the best th