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Born to be wild...

On the way to work the other day I saw a man who made me long to be free. That morning he was everything that I was not. He was the personification of freedom. Even though it was only 9:00 AM, I was already bound by guilt for not yet being at work . I was caught in traffic lamenting my tardiness, rethinking my morning steps. I remembered the number of outfits that I had changed. I reconsidered my decision to have a leisurely morning—exercising, enjoying my tea and toast in front of the television watching the “ Today Show ”. Perhaps I should have run out of the house hungry. I could have put on my mascara in the car—that is after all what the tube in the glove compartment is for, isn’t it? Anyway, as these thoughts were going through my head, I saw him. He was on a motorcycle, riding without a helmet. Instead, he had on a mustard colored bandana that was blowing in the wind. He had on Timberlands , shorts, and a leather vest. I noticed the smile on his face, complet