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Balance May Eternally Elude Working Moms, And That's OK

Me with my favorite guy trying to stay balanced... Because I have this blog and because I cannot help myself from talking to strangers, I am often involved in conversations about whether or not balance is possible. It’s an interesting question and not one that is limited to working moms. Quite frankly everybody who has to work to make a living is plagued with the question about how much am I willing to work in order to achieve my personal goals.

Wordless Wednesday-Couples Fun!

After returning from a work trip last week, I returned home and attended a party with my family.  These captions reflect an exchange between Han Solo and Princess Leia, but also sum up Andre and my relationship!

Working Mom Tip: Adopt a D.I.E.T. of Success

"Finding what you do interesting and believing it has inherent value...doesn't just keep you going despite fatigue, it actually replenishes your energy."-Heidi Grant Halvorson (author) Working moms need a system for providing for their families and preserving their energy. Mom cannot take care of their families well if they are exhausted. One of the reasons being a working mom is a thing is because it is a journey that has unique challenges, especially when your children are very young. Life happens to every mom. Every mom has housework that needs to be done. Every mom has hopes and dreams for their children. And every mom only has twenty-four hours in the day. So, women may find themselves depleted when they combine a full time job for someone else along with the full time job that exists at home. Although we working moms have a lot to manage, we do not have to be depleted. Adopting a D.I.E.T. of success can help you satisfy your obligations and ma

Six Secrets to Staying in Shape as a Working Mom (Fitness Tips)

From my casual comments and comments from those I coach, I know that many working moms struggle to maintain their weight. Not only is that costly because of all of the extra clothes one needs, but there are also health risks. I'm not a fitness expert. However, I've been fairly healthy most of my life and have been able to keep my weight constant. The five tips from me and the fitness articles from the New York Times listed below may be just what you need to become lean an mean in 2017.  Keep me posted on your progress! Six Tips to Maintaining Your Weight

Wordless Wednesday: Time With My Favorite Girl

Photo Credit:  Emmai Alaquiva I love spending time with my daughter. Now that she's 6, she's become quite the lady. She's fun to be around. She's engaging, funny--a real conversationalist. She reminds me a lot of myself, which is both amazing and scary! One "grown up" thing we did in 2016 was to attend a political event. I am so fortunate that our time together was captured by the talented Emmai Alaquiva. I would have been happy just to hang out with my girl. However, having our photo taken by an Emmy winning photographer was icing on the cake--times two! I LOVE this shot! Below are others he took from that day. ENJOY!!!