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Working Mom Tip: Get More Sleep

As working moms, we do more in an hour than most people do in an entire day. Indeed, we maximize our time. One of the ways we do that is we get by on very little sleep. We do it for so long that we start to think of sleep deprivation as normal. We begin to think that "looking good" is the same as or as good as "feeling good". We are drawn to articles that give us tips about how to look younger, well rested, and like we worked out. We believe that looking good is as good as being healthy...   Looking Good Is Not the Same As Being Healthy   In those articles we find what we're looking for. If you have a little time, a credit card and the internet you can invest in the best eye drops, eye cream and concealer that money can by so that you can appear to be well rested. You can also purchase vitamins, drinks, and even special lights that will "give you more energy".  Given all of our demands, who can blame us???   Before I got pregnant