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Lipstick, an apparent leadership requirement

I listened to Sarah Palin ’s speech last night. While impressed by her presentation, I am not a supporter. She’s charming, an entertaining speaker, and her experience as a beauty queen makes her likeable. She wore a nice suit, had her hair down, and she wore lipstick . The combination of all of those things got the crowd excited. As a professed girly girl , I was pleased that she was comfortable enough to be herself. That being said, I resisted the urge to get caught up in her aura. Instead, I listened to what she said. To her credit, she tried to sweeten her offensive, puritan, and repressive ideas with sugar and a smile. However, for me, that did not make the bitter pill go down any easier. As I listened to Governor Palin I was scared. Unlike others, I don’t doubt that she is capable of leading. The real question is where would she lead this country? She is anti-choice in all respects. She is against the freedom to choose an abortion. She is against detailed sex education .