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Four Ways Working Moms Can Protect Their Children During Flu Season

Guest Post contributed by KidzStuff, and the medical staff from Miami Children's Hospital .     Sick Toddler     Attending the Niche Parent conference in September was a great opportunity. I had the opportunity to speak, gain more blog followers and make connections. One of the connections I made was with Deb DaSilva who works with KidzStuff, is a brand new exciting company that is changing the way parents care for their children. From sunburn to insect bites, their innovative wellness products are designed to solve everyday problems. For more information see,     What I like most about KidzStuff is that physicians have thought about what parents need and have committed to providing it to us.  I think that this company has real value for working moms. We are already stretched so that thin that we can definitely use easily to understand information that can help us care for our families.  Getting to 50/50 is only half