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Oscar Fashions, Lessons and Angelina Jolie

I may never have Angelina Jolie ’s money. I may never have her notoriety. And I know that I will never sleep with Brad Pitt .   However, after watching the Oscars I have decided that I am committed to trying to acquire her confidence. A lot of people mocked Angelina after the awards.   But I was in awe. I admired her style. And I thought she was completely bad ass.   That night she looked into the camera, cocked her right leg and said to all of us, “I am Angelina. Y’all better recognize!” And I had a serious case of confidence envy. Sometimes I worry that my style, manner of communicating, and ideas might make others uncomfortable. When that feeling comes over me, I retreat. I become a little more quiet. I become a little smaller. I become a little less of who I am. I have achieved some success, but this practice of “shrinking” has interfered with me living my best life. I have done this at work. I have done this in social situations. And I know that I did it when I was

Mommy Confession: I Want an iPhone badly!!!

I just saw a commercial about the iPhone   and I was finally able to articulate what I have been feeling for some time.   I am a second class citizen because I don’t have one.   It’s ironic that I saw the commercial today and articulated my feeling so clearly after attending church where message was about overcoming inferiority. Why I Want an iPhone It’s not that I am deeply insecure. It is that the iPhone   is better than my phone.   There is really no point in denying it. It is the holy grail of cell phones . It is cool and functional.   All of my friends who have them casually brag about their iPhone S.   They show me their photos, which are as nearly as good as any taken by a Canon .   They effortlessly post the photos on Facebook .   They have face time. They email. They get directions. You want it. They got it. They are so cool. I see them with it and get a little jealous. I guess you could say that I covet one.   Oops! Those are both inappropriate feelings on a Sund

Glamour tip: The Desperation Hair Style

That's me on the left.  It's New Orleans  in July. The humidity was so thick you could cut it with a knife.  I didn't even bother doing my hair.  Ahh, the wonders of a silk scarf and earrings.  All you moms out there feel free to steal this style tip.  If you hadn't heard, we're in the middle of a heat wave! :-) Related articles Dear Bella: Help Smooth My NOLA Frizzies (

Faith, guns, and money...

Fear is popping out all over. With the continuing Wall Street financial crisis we are all feeling the pinch, even if we have our jobs. Hell, the price of gas alone has made our pockets lighter. And even those of us who are eternal optimists feel like the sky is falling. I was an economics major and I drank the Kool-Aid. I believed that communism was evil by definition and capitalism was the answer to what ailed the world. Now, we have poison baby formula from China , but we also have financial institutions in America that are bankrupt. Is it readily apparent which is better? So, what are we to do? In these times, Obama says that we cleave to our religion and our guns. He was unfairly criticized for this statement. We should all just tell the truth. Life is hard and this economy is crazy. And terrorists may bomb us at any time. We are scared. We have questions. And we do not trust this administration. We have finally realized that the good times have stopped rolling. And w