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Mommy Mondays: Hip and Trendy Childbirth (Having Children the Natural Way)

Women have been giving birth and enduring labor since the beginning of time . While I don't know whether childbirth stories were exchanged at quilting bees, I tend to think that they were. Childbirth and motherhood are indisputably female.  Also, there is great mystery surrounding it and we all crave more information about it. I have heard older women describe how they would discuss childbirth with their friends.  I also believe that this fascination is probably why mommy blogs are so popular. Pregnancy is an amazing journey... Even advertisers understand.  Pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood is a vibrant industry and celebrities are capitalizing on it. For example, Tia Mowry wrote a book called, " Oh Baby !" about her pregnancy and childbirth experience and has sold lots and lots of copies. Even with all of this interest in the topic, I doubt that the early mothers ever thought that childbirth would be described as "trendy". Nowadays how women