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A Peek Into the Life of a Mommy Blogger: Light Up Night!

Last night was “ Light Up Night ” in Pittsburgh . “Light Up Night” is the beginning of the Holiday shopping season in downtown Pittsburgh . And it is a big party! I was excited about “Light Up Night” because a PR rep had emailed me and invited me to an event that would include members of the Pittsburgh Steelers , members of the Kool & The Gang and other fun stuff.     Since “Light Up Night” is a family affair, I convinced Andre and the toddler to walk downtown with me to enjoy the festivities. Andre was up for the event, but had no interest in being in a tent, making nice, and promoting my blog.   He’s a real trooper, but even he has his limits. Still, to his credit, he went with me in pursuit of connections and cocktails, albeit reluctantly. Unfortunately, we never found the media tent. It wasn’t for lack of trying. It’s just that there were so many people downtown that we could barely move.   You haven’t lived until you try to navigate a stroller in a crowd. It got so

Style Tip For My Stylish Friends: Romare Bearden Centennial Celebration at Macy's (nationwide)

This February, Macy’s celebrates Black History Month with special events and exhibits dedicated to famed artist Romare Bearden . In conjunction with the Romare Bearden Foundation, Macy’s honors the rich history and legacy of the incomparable artist, writer and musician in celebration of this year’s 100 th anniversary of his birth.    Macy's is honoring him by hosting a series of free events for the public.  This is an opportunity for moms and their friends to have some stylish fun.  And, the kids can come! In exchange for your RSVP you gain access to the event and receive goodie bags.  How cool is that?! I am already registered for the Pittsburgh event, which is this Thursday, February 9th at 5:00 PM at the downtown Macy's.  If you are in Pittsburgh, contact this number to                       RSVP: 1-888-622-9769.                For other cities, visit the following site for additional information:

A Glamorous Night for a Mom...

Even though I'm a mom, there are times when I still get out to kick it, sans baby, sans Andre, and I try to represent as well as I did as a single person.  After all, having a baby and getting coupled up does not mean that you have turned in your glam card now does it?! I was so thrilled with my outfit from the night below I just had to share it with my blog readers.  I also had to share the story of how the outfit came together so that my fellow moms out there could know that no source of inspiration should be ignored.  Also, everything can become new again if you know how to style it! The dress was new.  It was one of those somewhat generic, Macy's , Calvin Klein finds that always seems to go on sale.  And, I got this one for a steal. Somehow, it fit me like a glove, which made it special and made me take it home.  The shoes had never been worn, but I they had been in my closet for awhile.  They're really high and not the kind of shoes you wear while carry