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The Baby Cooling Off...

If you hadn't noticed, a heat wave is sweeping the East Coast.  The days are hot, muggy and long.  What's a baby got to do to get some relief?! At my house, we improvise.  When we can't make it over to the grandparent's house and get a cool down in a proper pool, we fill up the beverage container we got at Rite Aid for $3.50 (it was $6.99, but I got it on sale) and place the baby in it for some fun, cool times.  When you have a baby, cheap fun is hard to come by so I love the fact that I got the container on sale. For any of you moms with infants and small toddlers out there, I highly recommend high tailing it to Rite Aid to get one. Hours of fun is ensured. And when the baby goes to sleep, you can grab a cocktail, put your own feet in there and imagine that you're on vacation! :-) I am oh so green, since the container has multiple uses. And as you can see, the baby is oh so happy splashing around on our patio. I would like to take credit for being the bril