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A Peek Into A Mommy Blogger's World: Saturday

This Saturday was marked by an impromptu trip to a diner for breakfast. We went to Lindo's, a diner in the true sense. It's a greasy spoon and I love it! My routine at diner's is to order two eggs over easy, turkey sausage (where I can), two pieces of wheat toast, and coffee .  I am not a coffee drinker generally, but for some reason when I am in diners I want coffee. The toddler was a gem. She enjoyed her hash browns with Heinz Ketchup , sausage and toast.  She enjoyed it so much that she didn't even  insist on walking around the entire restaurant.  The only thing she did that was somewhat disruptive was her need to play with the sugar, Extra and Sweet'N Low packets like they were playing cards . What's been going on in your world?!