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Get a Personalized Letter from Santa!

Like all moms I am struggling this Christmas to find unique gifts for my daughter that will make her holiday special. Even with electronics, expensive clothes and the endless Playschool Rocks commercials, I think that simple, thoughtful gifts are still the best. To that end, I wanted to let you know about an opportunity to get a personalized letter from Santa!  A Personalized Letter from Santa Can Make Your Christmas More Special Visit "The Holiday Letter Shop" to get a personalized letter from Santa ! Imagine the joy on your child's face when they open up their personalized letter. Even the most skeptical child will be amazed. No kids? Send a special message to the special someone else in your life. Children don’t have a monopoly on Christmas magic. There are a variety of packages starting at just $9.95 all include a Personalized Letter and Nice List Certificate, some also include activity books , stickers, ornaments and other extras. Deal for Reade

Tis the Season for Christmas Cards!

Before I had a baby I generally sent Christmas cards . I think that people like them, but I don’t believe that there was any expectation by the recipients. My cards were pretty. Sometimes I got them from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I selected them for their appeal and there messages.   They were nice cards.   A few even landed on my grandmother’s refrigerator affixed with a magnet. Still, if I skipped a year nobody seemed to care. Apparently after you have a child things change.   The day after Thanksgiving my eighty-five year old uncle told my mother that he was looking for my Christmas card. Now there’s pressure. Last year I sent a photo card of the baby. So, I figured that’s what my uncle was looking for. In order to send a photo card I needed an appropriate photo. However, I had no budget. We hired a professional photographer for the baby’s first birthday party and had lots of photos from there. But with the damned Facebook those photos have been seen far and wide.