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Celebrating Mother's Day: A Hat Luncheon

" Mother's love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved. " - Erich Fromm   Today, I attended the Central Baptist Church Hat Luncheon. It's an annual event and a splendid affair. My grandmother, as a Deaconess at the church, is a hostess. I love to attend to support her. I also like to people watch. No knock on those ladies who attend the Kentucky Derby , but nobody  knows how to wear a hat better than a Baptist church lady. Besides the hats there is the message. You cannot attend an event sponsored by a church without getting a healthy dose of scripture.   Every day is a blessing. The message today was simple. Being alive is a blessing. Knowing who you are is the secret to experiencing a fulfilled life. And, if you have overcome adversity you should be grateful. And, that gratitude should give you confidence and provide you with the strength you need to endure other hardships. The speaker made another point that resonated wi

Living by faith...

Some people in my life have been going through rough times. I have realized the importance of having  faith . It is something that you can rely upon when you have run out of other options. Faith makes you get up in the morning with the expectation that things will get better, even in the midst of your pain and disappointment. Faith makes you believe that the best is yet to come even when you cannot see the possibility of things getting any better. I know these things intuitively, but I must admit that at times, my faith is still tested. Sometimes, I am distracted by what I see. At those times, the faith of those that I love has strengthened me. And for that, I am grateful.  I am especially grateful this holiest of all weekends. It is a Good Friday !

Working Mom Mix Up

I don’t often crave a do over. But this morning, I want to start the day again. Instead of venturing out into the cold rainy day mistakenly believing that I had a 7:30 AM meeting, I want to be right. I want to be careful. And I want to be in bed. Had I not been confused about my calendar, I would have pressed snooze and cuddled with Andre for another thirty minutes. I would have pretended that it was the weekend, if just for a little while, when I could choose to remain in the house all day and be focused on taking care of and playing with my baby.    Instead, I braved the elements only to arrive in an empty conference room , wet and wondering if I had the wrong meeting location.  I had a moment of panic.  Then, I checked my Blackberry once again and realized that I had misread it. The 7:30 AM meeting is actually tomorrow.  Oh, well. I guess today was a dry run, well not really… 

I miss you more at Christmastime...

Yesterday a friend told me that he and his girlfriend broke up on Christmas day . Initially I was incredulous, but upon reflection, I understood. One year, at Christmastime , I became absolutely convinced that a break up was the best option for me. We had tried so hard to make it work. And as I watched other couples celebrate the holiday, and be happy, my heart ached and I could no longer pretend. It went something like, "Thanks for the great present, but it's over." Yeah, Christmas can sucker punch you if you're not careful. All of the traditions and presents are really about love. If you do not have a significant loving relationship in your life, the void is palpable. If you are in an unsatisfying relationship, you feel suffocated by the pretense. If you are smart, you embrace that feeling instead of ignoring it. You realize that the beauty of Christmas is also what makes it an opportunity for improvement. Christmas is a special time to appreciate

the beginning...

When I started this blog, I had no idea that it would lead me to a college boyfriend, the confession of the unrequited love of a former colleague, or to the personal revelations that I have experienced. My parents are devout Baptists and their church touts the mantra that " God is good all of the time, and all of the time, God is good." Given my penchant for cocktails, many readers may think that my Biblical reference is misplaced. All I can say is that you can't fight nature and you can't fight rearing. This blog, Chaton's World, has been an experiment in self exploration. I welcome my continued journey and your comments. Because at the end of the day, "The Blog is Good!" :-)