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Working Mother Tip: Supermodels Are Working Moms Too...

Supermodels may be taller than we are, richer and luckier. However, those who have exchanged their stilettos for strollers remind us that motherhood is universal and we are united in this magical journey with all other moms. Supermodels Are Just Like You... Whether you are a supermodel or a stay-at-home mom your toddler may turn on you and embarrass you in public. You may have a day when you rush out the house with crumbs in your hair and spit up on your shirt. You may struggle mightily with potty training your child.  You may even have a few extra pounds left over from your pregnancy...

Mommy Mondays: Hip and Trendy Childbirth (Having Children the Natural Way)

Women have been giving birth and enduring labor since the beginning of time . While I don't know whether childbirth stories were exchanged at quilting bees, I tend to think that they were. Childbirth and motherhood are indisputably female.  Also, there is great mystery surrounding it and we all crave more information about it. I have heard older women describe how they would discuss childbirth with their friends.  I also believe that this fascination is probably why mommy blogs are so popular. Pregnancy is an amazing journey... Even advertisers understand.  Pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood is a vibrant industry and celebrities are capitalizing on it. For example, Tia Mowry wrote a book called, " Oh Baby !" about her pregnancy and childbirth experience and has sold lots and lots of copies. Even with all of this interest in the topic, I doubt that the early mothers ever thought that childbirth would be described as "trendy". Nowadays how women