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A Peek Into the Life of a Blogger Mom: Schedule Disruption

I had planned to spend this week blogging about my preparation for the BlogHer12 conference. I intended to write about the clothes I was packing, my new business cards, and my strategy for maximizing my enjoyment at the conference. However, since this is Chaton's World and not reality TV things have not gone on schedule. Our household has been turned upside down this week.  For clarity, Andre and I are not breaking up. Other than the usual laundry that needs to be folded, he and I are happy. The toddler is not sick. Indeed, other than the occasional tantrum, her life is good and she is happy. Also, nobody is unemployed. I actually got promoted recently and Andre is happily with the same company he's been with for the past decade. Our nanny has been unexpectedly gone this week and her absence has sent our world into a tailspin.  I have just been trying to keep up. And I fear that I haven't been doing it very well. So, please forgive me and stay tuned. I hope to

A Peek into the life of a Blogger Mom: A Trip to the Beauty Shop Worthy of Reality TV

This is just a quick post about my trip to the beauty shop last week. I am convinced that they need to do a reality tv show about a beauty shop. I am amazed at the sights and sounds every time I visit the beauty shop. I get to see women who have divergent ideas about beauty, childrearing, and politics. I also get to laugh. I'm not talking about a show like " Jerseylicious " that is about stylists and has some beauty shop scenes. I am talking about a show just about the shop. It could be a video camera set up in the corner of a shop that is just a live feed. Doing that for a week would portray the full spectrum of human emotion , might lead to resolve the healthcare crisis, and could very well lead to world peace . Last week, the question DuJour was whether it's possible to love more than one person simultaneously. The opinions were diverse. Some believed that it was impsossible to love more than one. Others believed that loving two people was possible, but loving

ABC's The Bachelor...

The ABC show the "Bachelor" is based on the premise that quality men are scarce and women need to fight over them. In this fight, men hold all of the cards, determine the rules, and their feelings are the only ones that matter. While men make up their minds, women are expected to become vulnerable and trust that they will protect our hearts. Tonight, the Bachelor 's host stated that the show is about romance, broken hearts and intense competition. That is a fairly accurate description. Every week the women are auditioning for the role of leading lady in the Bachelor's life. Each week, every contestant tries to be prettier, sexier, and to appear sweeter than the other contestants. Their sole goal is to earn a rose. I have critcized the show for some time, there are many objecionable aspects of the show. It brings out the worst in women. It illustrates a bad example for young girls. In a word, it is a huge step back for feminism. Those things may all