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Big love, even bigger questions...

"Big Love" on HBO is incredibly well written and one of my favorite shows. In large part, it is a show about "living the principle", or practicing polygamy. It portrays polygamy as an institution ordained by God--full of intrigue, excitement, and lots of sex. With its vivid images and skilled actors, "Big Love", seduces you into its Big World. And even though polygamy is contrary to eveything that I know to be true and right, some aspects of it appeal to me and my friends.

The protagonist, Bill, has three wives. One wife is traditional. One is wise. And one is young and horny. Although polygamy is only endorsed for men, I have fantasized about having multiple husbands, each who represent a different side of my personality. I'd have one for the humorous side. One for the serious side. And one for the side that just wants to have fun. Watching "Big Love" makes polygamy seem like the perfect antedote to the monotony that eventually infects most marriages.

I recently read an article about the perils of polygamy. Now, I am aware of polygamy's dark side.

I realize that "Big Love" is just TV. Life is hard and marriage is really hard. There are no short cuts. And having mutliple husbands wouldn't eliminate the challenges of marriage.

Still, I'll continue to watch the show and fantacize about my ficticious multiple husbands. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll find one man who has a few of the qualities... :-)
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