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I am inspired by the Giants!!!

Even though I am a fan of Super Bowls in general, last night’s game was truly amazing! OK, it was boring for the first three and three quarters, but those last 2 minutes and 55 seconds were the stuff that sports history is made of. Now, despite meeting Don Shula one day and having him explain the magic of having an undefeated season to me, I do not know a lot of sports history. But I have to imagine that having the Giants beat the Patriots was like the BIGGEST upset in sports ever.

The Giants actually won. Eli Manning, who was dogged by commentators (especially Tiki Barber who may be a little disappointed today) was just not supposed to beat Tom Brady, the Golden Boy to whom much has been given and even more was expected. The Giants, who did not have an undefeated season, were supposed to lose. Even a respectable close loss would have OK for the Giants, by everyone watching the game. But they didn’t lose, they played their hearts out, and they won.

Seeing Eli Manning fight off like three Patriots defenders in the fourth quarter and advance the ball to get that touch down was truly inspiring. Once I saw that play, I got hopeful. I realized that he was determined. He could not be stopped. I started shouting, “Eli, Eli, Eli, Eli!” I realized that even though nobody else expected the Giants to win, Eli had not gotten the memo. He was there to win the game. And then, he did it! He threw the ball, Plaxico Burress caught it. It was magic. It was football. It was the Super Bowl!

That Super Bowl is an example for every under dog, they may count you out, but don’t listen. You might just win after all.

(The Don Shula reference is a true story, promise!)
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