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Funny things happen in Pittsburgh...

Funny things happen in Chatón’s World… Imagine two Black women explaining the benefits of remaining with his White wife in a club. It sounds hard to believe, but that is exactly what happened this past Friday night.

Mind you, he sought us out, full of inquiry and intrigue. He sat next to me and asked, “Where are all of the African American professionals in Pittsburgh?”

I imagine that he thought that his question would bond with us. However, it instantly he made me suspicious. Anybody who has lived in Pittsburgh longer than two days understands that Black professionals can be hard to find. I mean, we’re here, but we’re a small cohesive group. And unless you’re at the “Black club” or rolling with a crew, you can’t expect to see a lot us while you’re out.

Instantly, his question made me conclude that he was visiting. However, he confessed that he lives and works in town. He also graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. Given those two facts it seemed most unlikely that he was surprised that the three of us were the only Black folks in the club.

He went on to say that a recent trip to Atlanta convinced him that African American women were the most beautiful women on the planet and that he wished that he had one. I assumed this whole thing was a come on. I thoughts that he was trying to take me home, my friend home, or both. Stanger things have happened in Pittsburgh.  So I wasn’t surprised. Then, I saw his wedding ring; and the whole got really weird.

Given his love and affection for Black women I asked him, “Is your wife Black?” He confessed that she’s White. And immediately began apologizing for his choice.
It seemed as if his choice was haunting him and he was trying to make peace with it right there in the bar. Since he seemed desperate, my friend and I tried to help him sort everything out.

Then, the weirdest scenario unfolds. In the middle of pumping music, flowing drinks and flirting couples, two Black girls were convincing a Black man to remain married to his White wife.

He told us his story. He said that if he had to do it all over again he would marry a Black woman. Then, he pulls out photos of his children. He tells us that in the eyes of the world they are “Black” and he must ensure they are self aware and proud of their heritage. He goes on and on. So we tell him that the greatest gift that he can give his children is to love their mother and to make her happy. How weird is that?!

First, how may people engage in deep conversations in nightclubs. Moreover, given the advertised shortage of Black men, how many Black women are selling the virtues of interracial marriage to a Black man?!

I am convinced that such things only happen in Pittsburgh; and I’m beginning to think such things only happen to me…
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